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Monday, August 10, 2009

Sarah Palin: Cliche and Desired

At this point, writing a Sarah Palin piece is lazy cliche. If you dislike her, she’s an easy target for ridicule, a sort of supernova Dan Quayle or Britney Spears. If you like her, she’s something to rally around, like a bonfire or a book-burning.

I feel bad for her because the party that created her didn't prepare her, or even understand what they created. She no longer has a political party--instead, she has a cadre of supporters on Facebook and Twitter. Sad. She was getting Republican speaker invites but now she's only getting friend invites.

I feel for Sarah Palin because she doesn't realize how over her political life is. She still thinks she has influence because her friends on Facebook and her followers on Twitter tell her how important she is--which makes her an average American rather than a dynamic leader. I mean, jesus, everyone's important on the Internets, amirite?

Better: Palin is like Sean Young’s Rachel, in Blade Runner, a Replicant Republican, obliviously toeing the line without knowing there is a line. Rachel is urged to take a test proving her humanity. Her manufacturer encourages her to take the test, and she consents because she doesn't realize she's manufactured, and she fails the test, and she's not told about her failure because, meh, she's better off not knowing. Let her think she passed.

I feel for Sarah Palin, and I shouldn't because every pro for her is a con for me. Every time she opens her mouth, I'm convinced a spotted owl drops dead, mid-flight. Every political point she makes leaves me gasping for breath. Panic attack. And her sentences, such as they are, when spoken from mouths like hers, they can be the type of sentences such as all sentences might be afraid of because, also, those are words coming out the mouth of a person considered viable for leadership in this great real America of ours. Also.

Still. I feel for her. She took a test without understanding the implications of the test, and without recognition of failure. Like Rachel, she lacks true self-awareness. Like Rachel, she's both dead and vitally alive. Determined, but doomed.

And, you know, a blog cliche.

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