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Monday, August 3, 2009

Twas the night before Obamamas...

Tomorrow is President Obama's birthday. Perhaps. After a few days of wading through the theories and suppositions, the lengthy screeds and YouTube vids, the lines and lines of furious comment-typing put forth by the so-called Birthers, I'm not entirely sure if Obama was born, or if he was harvested in a field. Barack Obama. Broccoli Rabe. It's all the same.

After listening to Orly Taitz (Tay-EETZ, I've just now learned, is the proper pronunciation for this wonderful woman's last name) on MSNBC earlier today, I've got a confession: I believe her. No one with such passion can be completely wrong. No one receiving such attention from the responsible media can be, in fact, bat-shit insane. Remember Britney Spears a year ago? All the attention she got? Like Britney, Orly is demonstrably sane.

And the media know Orly's right; the media trust her. Why else would they waste time talking to her?

In the past few days, Orly Taitz, doctor/lawyer/realtor, has been a featured guest on all major 24 hour news channels, on NPR talk shows, on The Colbert Report, and mentioned in several hundreds of news articles. She is clearly an expert at something besides realty, dentistry, law and taekwondo, and her issue--Barack Obama's fictitious birth on an obscure island in America's forgotten state of Hawaii--most certainly demands our nation's full attention.

Here, on Obamamas Eve, it is important to get the word out: Orly is right. Without question. How can someone who spends so much time in front of cameras, someone cited in hundreds of news articles, someone who so sanely and calmly presents her well-considered point of view be flat-out wrong?

Before you answer that rhetorical question (a mere rhetorical flourish, to be sure) take into advisement this fact: Barack Obama's Kenyan birth certificate exists. It is in her possession. It is no mere forged document; it is a tangible piece of paper, photographed and emailed to her by anonymous sources, lacking only the birth-doctor's signature and a few (easily explained) discrepancies with what you and I call "reality."

Certainly, the document has been discredited. That's what they want you to think: the document is clearly as fake as Obama's winning smile. But Orly knows better, and she's saying she knows better, constantly and with such persistent media coverage she might as well be the reanimated corpse of Michael Jackson.

Perhaps if the nation would listen to Dr. Taitz, our economy'd improve. Perhaps we'd have health care (not that evil socialized thing NObama's pushing, but proper health care from insurance companies which do the proper capitalist thing by putting money ahead of peoples' lives). Perhaps--just perhaps--if Dr. Taitz's voice were even more present in the media (her own 30 minute show, perhaps? No--full hour!), everything wrong with our nation would be set right. Maybe this is why the media are paying her such respect. Rather than discuss issues of "importance," it's best to let Dr. Taitz talk and talk and talk, because she, and not rational discourse, is the way to our national salvation.

We're through the looking-glass, people. We must stop being children, full of fanciful dreams and half-hearted intentions, and become the adults Orly Taitz wants us to be. No longer assume you have a government. Instead, be brave. Come with me. Come over to the side of the Birthers. There is no longer a United States. There is only a loose gathering of like-minded individuals, a mob, if you will, capable of ruling ourselves. If not for the media, the brave Dr. Taitz would be limited to the lunacy of the Internet, a strident voice of unreason and bitter defeat. But because the media give her an unending amount of air time and spilled ink, she has relevance. We have relevance. Together through Orly and the compliant media, we are able to spread the word: Obama is not real.

How can you deny Dr. Orly Taitz? Watch how she expertly presents her case--our case!

On this, Obamamas Eve, let the truth ring from the mountain tops. NObama is not president! We're free at last! Free at last! Great Orly Taitz, we're free at last!


Scott Coats said...

Wait a second. Is the "leader" of the birther movement a foreigner? Or at the least, not a natural born US citizen? Is there a little irony there somewhere?

Wow, Anne Coulter calls them "cranks." When Ms. Coulter calls you crazy be assured you're probably... well... maybe they're not so wrong after all.

MM said...

Yup. She's hardly natural. And she's backing off the Kenyan thing, and maintaining now that Obama's not legit because his father wasn't a US citizen (which of course would invalidate more than a few past presidencies too).

Matt Osborne said...

This woman is nothing she pretends to be. She got her law degree from a diploma mill.

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