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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Quick conversation with four people

"I think the '90s was the best decade."

"They were better than this one, yeah. But the best? The absolute best?"

"He means lately."

"How can 20 years ago be considered 'lately'?"

"'Lately' as in since, like, the past 50 years."

"I think the point is, the '90s weren't so bad, considering."

"Yeah, I just mean you know, things were better. Not just politically, but economically, artistically, better movies, better tele..."

"No, not better television."

"No, not better television."

"People were certainly happier in the '90s than they are now."

"I blame the Internet."




"Seriously. The reason we're so miserable now is because the Internet has made us more self-aware and more conscious of what's going on around us."


"Well, I guess. You mean we are able to really see who we are, reflected back to us in real time, and we don't like what we see?"

"No. I mean, we're able to see who you are in real time, and judge instantly, and know how much better we are than you."


"And it's depressing that you're allowed on the Internet just as much as we are."

"Not you you, of course. The general you."

"I blame Bush."

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