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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Twin Peaks at 20

Here's the thing: I hate people who say they 'never watch television.' Really. There is no phrase on earth more annoying to me than "I never watch TV." Except maybe "I voted for George Bush twice," but I don't even find that phrase annoying. I find "I voted for George Bush twice" sad.

"I never watch TV" people are like "I never masturbate" people (speaking of--be back in 10 minutes).

Ok. Where was I?

Oh yeah. Washing my hands.

And "never watch TV" people are like "I never masturbate" people: they're liars. Or if they are telling the truth, they're sad, unimaginative people who hurt the economy, since most of our economy is based on both television and masturbation.

Today, by the way, is the date 20 years ago ABC premiered 'Twin Peaks.' ABC, for those who don't watch television, is one of the four television networks most Americans use as a connection to other Americans. ABC, NBC, CBS, and Dumont-network wannabe Fox are the four points of cultural touchstones keeping the East coast and West coast together--without network television, we'd have no cultural identity. We are two nations connected by our common need to see the Oscars at a reasonable hour.

Anyway. 'Twin Peaks.' 20 years ago. It debuted.

Let's celebrate with clips:

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