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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Society is like a shark...

There's an old joke. Two elderly ladies are at a religious service in the Catskills. And one of them says to the other, "You know, the sermon here is so terrible." And the other says, "I know. And in such small services."

Well, that's essentially how I feel about religion: full of elderly and sermons and the Catskills, and it's all done with too little service.


The, tsch, the other important joke for me is that there was this disaster once. Two planes flew into two separate buildings in downtown Manhattan. Both planes were piloted by Muslims. And before they hit the two buildings, one Muslim pilot radio'd over to the other: "Let's see them build another mosque in NYC now."

That's the key joke when you think about religion in America. Which, tsch, was founded on religious tolerance and still calls itself a Christian nation.


After that, it got pretty late. It was great going to mosque again, I... I realized just how nice a religion it was. Not great. Not special. Just... you know, it was nice just knowing about it. I thought of that old joke. You know, so, a guy walks into a doctor's office and says 'Doc, you gotta help me. My brother thinks he's two tents.' And the doc says, 'Why didn't your brother come in himself--I could give him some pills to relax him!' And the guy says 'I would, but I need the political coverage two tents can give me. Do you realize the play I'm getting by pointing out my brother's two tent city?'

[fade out]

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