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Thursday, August 26, 2010

This life I lead 2

[cont'd from this]

Yeah. So I responded, "Don't engage. Just smile and not."

I shouldn't have inserted myself into the discussion, of course, but I couldn't resist. No shame in it--Friend #2 was being a dick. And it didn't occur to me that 'smile and not' might seem like a typo for 'smile and nod.' Smiling and not smiling at the same time is one of my talents. Nodding comes hard to me.

Friend #2 decided to pounce. I'm gonna place in bold text the only thing I find offensive about Friend #2's response to my interrupting comment:

Friend #2: Well Friend #1, I was enjoying the history lesson and the friendly debate until the moron marc came along. "smile and not"? really marc? I guess that is par for his course and the reason why he doesnt think for himself, and probably the reason he lives the life he does. I got so tired of listening to his idiotic lemming views I had to delete him. His views, which I say have come to be proven wrong, are the reason why I like your points Friend #1 of educating for yourself instead of listening to a news program to get your ideas.
Like I said, enjoyed it til ........ Take care.

And my response:

Eh, what the hell. Friend #2, you weren't interested in anything Friend #1 had to say--you were just waiting to respond with another contrary response. That annoyed me, which it probably shouldn't've, since I'm sure Friend #1 can take care of himself....

I should have not injected myself into this discussion. It just seemed to me that you were being an asshole, and from past experience I knew this to be a habit of yours.
Friend #1 can take care of himself, but your responses to his rankled me, so I decided to be a smartass.

I'm very sorry you found my fb page to be an example of "the reason he lives the life as he does." I'm quite happy with my life--I'd be just as horrified to live your life as you would to live mine.

I don't listen to news programs, btw. I haven't had cable in 6 years. Thank you for thinking I could afford cable.

What matters is how we treat one another, and from what I can tell you treat people in a very bad way. You use the word 'moron' as if it is a shut-down, rather than a qualifier. Not cool.

Friend #1, if I'm misusing your fb page to rant, but I think Friend #2 is being an asshole--he seemed rather dismissive to you, and he was obviously insulting to me. I should not've commented earlier, but since I did, I should own it. Friend #2 is welcome to send his response to my page. If he wants to continue his discussion of Columbus here, I won't say anything.

Now, my point: I don't care about being called a moron, even by Friend #2, who knew me in high school and whom I not only thought was gay, but had a slight crush on.

I don't care about being called a lemming, because, really, who isn't called a lemming, even tho lemmings don't actually do what they're said to do (they don't follow one another off cliffs--they just sit around looking cute).

But there's this line from Friend #2:
I guess that is par for his course and the reason why he doesnt think for himself, and probably the reason he lives the life he does.

Not sure what Friend #2 meant by that. Not sure what life I'm living. But, to bring this 'round full circle, I took it to mean, "that's why he's gay." Or maybe, "that's why he uses punctuation." Whatever the meaning of that phrase, Friend #2 can, and I say this with a lemming next to me, enjoy his own life, and will get no complaint from me that he is living the life that he does.

I live a life I want. Not a great life, but not a bad one. Friend #2 is, I hope, living as wants, with loved ones and with rare hate. I'm with a guy--Greg--who loves me, a dog--Waffles--who loves me, in the city--New York--I've always wanted to be in, going to the shows I've always wanted to see, and seeing the world with obstructions like the Chrysler Building and the Atlantic Ocean.

Simple stuff.

Want more and want better, but jesus christ, I'm not some asshole in Alabama debating over the meaning of 'terrorist'. You know? I live in a place where 'terrorist' actually has real meaning. And I've got love, and direction, and... what does it mean, this "probably the reason he lives life as he does"? "Par for his course and the reason he doesn[']t think for himself, and probably the reason he live the life he does." Any idea how hard it is to be gay in Alabama? Any idea how hard it is to be, jesus, liberal in Alabama? A minority? Different? Fuck you, Friend #2.

Plus, I live in a world with apostrophes. I'll sell you a few, and also a bridge in Brooklyn.

There. That is the one post I hope to write about Facebook, and I'm ashamed I wrote it. But I've been stewing for days about just how inane and silly online interaction is.... that I just had to get it out. Goodnight, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are--and stop commenting on my wall.


Scott Coats said...

Try being a liberal Christian in Alabama. It mostly just makes peoples' heads explode.

By the way, I not only thought F#2 was gay, I'm still not convinced he's not. Then again, I have no gaydar at all. I didn't really know you were gay until a few years ago.

MM said...

...just now realized I had comments to 'moderate.'

When I read what Jesus said, I think all Christians should be Liberals.

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