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Thursday, September 23, 2010

No Gay Left Behind

Something nice: Dan Savage, the columnist, has started a channel on YouTube aimed at helping gay teens survive their gay teens.

The channel is called "It Gets Better," and is meant to show gay teenagers that life improves, that life isn't always high school drama and relentless teasing. The channel is meant to show that lots of gay people survive high school, survive college, go out into the world and have long, normal lives.

Meaning, the channel is intended to demonstrate that you, Gay Teen USA, can have just as much of a miserable life as your straight counterparts, but you can be proud of your wrecked life rather than ashamed of it.

Because the unwrecked life is not worth living.

Everyone I know, from age 1 to age 100, gay or straight, is a Titanic floating in a sea of icebergs. Everyone I know or have ever known is a person seconds away from crashing into an iceberg. Which is not to say Dan Savage's YouTube channel needs a new title. It's a good title. "It Gets Better." Thing is, it's an incomplete title, since "It Gets Worse" too.

Maybe a better title would be: "It Gets Acceptable, and Sometimes it Gets Mind-Blowingly Wonderful, and Then it Gets Boring, and Then it Gets Awful, and Then it Gets Bearable." Or just, "It Gets On With It."

"The wrecked life gets on with it." Maybe that should be the title of Dan Savage's new YouTube channel.

This week, btw, the US Senate held a vote about homosexual service in the military. Or, rather, a filibuster preventing a vote.

A filibuster is a way of not voting, but has the same results as a vote. A filibuster is an example of "an unwrecked life is not worth living," since the goal of a filibuster is to kill the life of a bill without really examining that bill's life.

The Senate voted about allowing, or disallowing, homosexual men and women to declare their homosexuality while putting their life on the line for a country which treats them as second-class citizens. I saw the vote via C-Span. The Senate milled about for a while as if they were at a cocktail party, mingling and mixing, shaking hands, cheek-kissing, clustering and flowing. And then they delivered a vote maintaining this: Gay and lesbian troops cannot be gay nor lesbian in the US military. They can be dead whenever they wish, but they can't be homosexual.

Honestly, I don't care who is in the military. I don't care if our military is staffed by gay men, chimpanzees, or homophobic geriatrics. What I care about is that the mental health of the men and women is looked after. It is a volunteer military, after all; no one is there because a gun is pointed at them. They're there in spite of those guns pointed at them. They are enlisted because they want to be enlisted (and are homosexual, btw, whether they want to be homosexual or not. The military: volunteer. Homo: drafted). And since they are there, serving and protecting a country, these homosexuals should be allowed the common courtesy of being who they are, even while being a killing machine.

Dan Savage is more concerned about Americans than the US Senate.

Dan Savage, a sex-columnist and editor of The Stranger, is telling teenagers: "It Gets Better."

The US Senate is telling teenagers: "It doesn't change."

"It doesn't change" is of course a lie. It always changes. Not always for the better, of course, but everything changes.

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Anonymous said...

I always inspired by you, your thoughts and way of thinking, again, thanks for this nice post.

- Joe

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