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Monday, October 11, 2010

Words of inspiration

Right, so today is National Coming Out Day, which means there are a lot of very interesting dinner conversations going on right about now. Or not. Who knows if Coming Out Day empowers anyone to come out?

Anyway, not gonna bore you with my own coming out story--it was rather anti-climatic, not so much a grand finale as a grand finally, really.

Someone asked me how it felt to come out just after I'd done so. I didn't know how to answer the question. The person clearly was looking for words of inspiration, clearly wanted to hear I "felt like a great weight had been lifted," that "the world seemed fresh and new and full of possibilities," that I for the first time "felt like a complete human being." My answer was less than inspiring.

Here was my answer: "Great. Now I'm going home to fuck my boyfriend."

I was cribbing from a line in the movie Clue, where Michael McKean--who as Mr. Green appears to be homosexual until the end--catches the murderer and says with a smirk, "Now I'm going home to sleep with my wife."

I thought my response was funny. The person who asked me the question, however, turned bright red and quickly walked away.

So much for my ability to inspire others.

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