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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Michele Bachmann's response

Ah what the hell. Yes it's sexist, and apologize, but it seems to me that Bach is not unlike Alex Forrest from 'Fatal Attraction.' I hope Bo has his own private security detail to prevent him from ending up in a pot of boiling water. Reload for updates

10:41PM Some random guys are wandering around in front of the camera, unaware they're on a live feed. GIANT video picture, freeze-framed, of Michele Bachmann behind them. A cozy leather chair, unoccupied, and an American flag. Clearly killing time til the GOP makes its official nonresponse to Obama's crowd-pleasing speech.

10:46: Crazy ahoy. Michele makes her entrance after demanding water, and a lot of mic fussing--this must be what it's like to be in the audience of the Spider-man musical--you can feel the fail before it happens.

10:47PM: HAVE SOMEBODY POSTED AT THE DOORS. No doors must open during Michele's response to Ob's speech. And now she's adjusting her--no seriously--she's adjusting her shoulder-pads, clearing her throat, and doing some shimmy dance.

10:49PM: "I'm here to honor the teaparty and not compete with the official GOP response. The White House promised us that they'd be magical negroes and yet misplaced a lot of jobs. Just after 8 months after Obama did his coup thing and spent every piece of money we don't have [let me point to my handy chart about light bulbs to prove my point] I'm gonna remind you that you no longer have health care."

10:52PM: This can't be real. WHY IS SHE STARING AT MY LEFT SHOULDER?

10:53PM: I think she's serious. Tho oddly, she's got a 'Rachel' haircut, and she's armed with Joan Collins shoulderpads, which would seem to undercut her genuine intent. "We're just beginning to undo the damage done in the past two years." JUST TWO? And now she's pointing, seriously, to a picture of the flag being raised over Iwo Jima... oh, she's done. And she's high-fiving. Not kidding. She HIGH-FIVED someone and asked, "Are we clear?"

10:56PM: Wow. I couldn't type fast enough for that. It was like liveblogging the sinking of the Lusitania.

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