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Thursday, January 6, 2011

The 'Ted Williams' Phenom

Right. So. You've probably seen the video of the homeless guy with the Don Pardo voice by now, and you're probably very happy for him. Yes? Yes. Guy with a druggie past who fell from grace and lived on the streets for decades, lost his family, lost his future, suddenly gets a second chance.

Two days ago, Williams was panhandling in Columbus, OH, which, I imagine, is very low on the list of major American cities one would want to be panhandling in. Today, he's fielding job offers like his namesake fielded pop-flies (I assume--I have no idea what position the baseball great Ted Williams played; I just know he was a baseball great, and had his head removed and cryogenically frozen after death).

Two days ago, Williams was a member of the great unwashed, forgotten society, just some guy with a hardluck story, a camouflage coat, a tent in the woods and a cardboard sign. Today: media darling.

Fitzgerald was wrong. American lives always have second acts.

Here's hoping there's not a third act. To rip off Chekhov: If there's a crack pipe hanging on the wall in the first act, it better be fired up by the third act or you have no story.

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