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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Greensburg, KS

There've always been regional disasters. And then recovery. In 2007, the city of Greensburg, KS, was leveled by a tornado (that's a picture of Greensburg). A year later, the city was well under recovery, using green energy. From a Smithsonian article in 2009: Governor Kathleen Sebelius heard that Greensburg was planning to rebuild green. At a Topeka Statehouse news conference, she announced, "we have an opportunity of having the greenest town in rural America." The leaders of Greensburg decided to do one better: They wanted the greenest town in America, rural or urban.

And last week, here's a quote from an article about citizens of Greenburg:

The town has changed. There are new stores, homes, and a school, all in a town that's had to rebuild from scratch, like so many other towns across the country will now have to do.

The students’ bake sale raised $1,400 for tornado victims in Oklahoma and North Carolina. Undoubtedly, Alabama will be added to that list.

"We felt like that's a good way to give back, to teach our children to give back because of all that was given to us,” said first grade teacher, Laura Prosser.

It's that support that the school district educates its students, not only through books, but through helping other victims get back on their feet.

"We want to make sure we're a resource for anyone that's been through something like this,” said Kiowa County Superintendent, Darin Headrick

It’s a way of embracing their past to help those with a future, similar to their own.

The problem right now, for Alabama, isn't recovery. The problem is survival--there's no water, no shelter, no food, no fuel. So if you can give, please do. The Red Cross, which I've personally seen in action, is taking donations--you can specify that your money go to assist the recovery in AL.

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