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Saturday, June 25, 2011

No villans

Last night--I'm sure you've heard by now, but just in case--the great state of New York decided they liked it, and they put a ring on it. They legalized same-sex marriage.

It's been a long walk down the aisle here in NY. The Assembly and the Senate have voted on the issue quite a few times, but like a skittish bride or a reluctant groom, never made it to the vows. Last night, there were vows. There was an 'I do,' and then a kiss in the form of a governor's signature on the bill allowing marriage equality.

A few quick facts: Governor Cuomo lobbied hard to get the bill passed, which to me is an incredibly brave thing for him to have done; New York has tried in the past, when the Senate was controlled by dirty commie librul Democrats, to pass the same-sex marriage bill, and failed; New York is the largest state in the Union to pass said bill, now doubling the amount of gay American citizens allowed to get hitched; the bill passed with bipartisan approval in a Senate controlled by Republicans who were not required to bring the bill to a vote at all.

For a while, in fact, it didn't seem there would be a vote. Republicans conferenced the hell out of this thing, discussing behind closed doors the possibility of bringing an up-or-down vote to the...

Whatever. There are the facts, and then there's the fact: My love for Greg is now recognized by the state of NY as a legitimate, uncontested, unpreventable love. What I now feel in every cell, every atom, each centimeter of flesh, each fiber of organ, each vein and artery, what I've always known is now accepted as truth by my fellow New Yorkers as being right and normal. (The picture up there of G and I kissing is from a decade ago, btw. It was taken a few weeks after we met.)

Incidentally, I was born the year the American Psychiatric Association decided homosexuality was not a disease in need of treatment. And I'm not that old.

It seems odd to me to thank others for recognizing my humanity, recognizing my inability to resist having the capacity for love. But I do thank others. I thank the 29 democrats and three republicans who voted for the bill. I thank all the straight people who couldn't care less about my homosexuality, and couldn't care more about my equality. I thank my family. I thank my friends.

I even thank my dog, Waffles.

I thank the trees, and streets, and the bricks, and the pages of my favorite books, and the individual frames of my favorite movies. I thank the gods I don't believe in and the fictitious hell I'll never see. I thank all the tiny little incidents of my life that led up to the moment I met Greg, and I thank all the tiny little incidents that led him to me.

Last night was historic. It will be challenged in the courts by people seeking to delegitimize facts. And those courts may see fit to overturn last night's facts. But the truth will out, as they say, and in my experience it's very hard to go back in once you've come out.

The great work begins, as always.

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Greg said...

Great writing as usual!

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