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Monday, April 16, 2012

Somebody that I keep running into

Never heard of Gotye but his song, "Somebody That I Used to Know," has lately haunted my web browser.

It's a good song. Very dramatic. Good lyrics. Nice melodic hook.

Here's the original video:

The video features Kimbra. I've no idea who she is, either.

There's a cover video by some group of people who cannot afford more than one instrument. Note the longshoreman home for the weekend, on the right.

Incidentally, the same group (with the longshoreman) did a cover of Malvina Reynold's 'Little Boxes,' which is pretty damn good:
And there's a parody of the cover that is really excellent:

Then there's this cover, a cappella:

And apparently 'Glee,' a show I used to know, doing their own version:

Seriously, 'Glee,' you need to throw some furniture at the characters to give them real scenery to chew. 

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