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Friday, November 2, 2012


I never liked 'Will and Grace,' a television show on NBC that ran from some year to some other year a lifetime ago. Certainly, I recognize that it helped 'normalize' (normalize is a polite way of saying 'humanize') homosexuality, in that each week millions of Americans tuned in to watch two gay men negotiate relationships.

Of course, the gay guys' relationships were primarily with two straight women. But! America loved the show! And America loved the gay men relationshipping with the straight women!

And ratings were solid so the show lasted for several seasons. Several seasons longer than better shows lasted.

Also, Jack--the overtly gay man--was a buffoon. And, sure, the covert gay man--the eponymous Will--was passionless and dull.

Sure, the straight single woman--second-billed Grace--was dull, passionless, and plucky! And the boozy broad--Karen--was rich and dotty in a deal-with-situations-in-a-comedic-way way.

All four of the principle characters were tolerant of one another. Yay. Tolerant was, during the run of 'Will and Grace,' a good way to be.


Alan Turing would've made a great guest star on 'Will and Grace,' I think. Imagine the fun! He's a gay guy after Will's affections. Jack has a crush on him. Grace tries to befriend him. Karen slips him some estrogen pills. Hijinx ensue.


Of course Alan Turing was a real person, and not tolerated in his lifetime. Alan Turing invented the computer then cracked a code that helped Allies win WWII.  He was rewarded for his efforts by being sentenced by death by suicide.

In 1954, Turing killed himself. Turing saved Western Civilization from the Nazis, then grew manboobs from the pills England gave him when they found out he liked twinks. He was charged with 'gross indecency,' and, like Oscar Wilde before him, died a pitiful death.

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