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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Isadora Duncan

Right. So. I've been to the current revival of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" twice. It's a limited run. Hopefully I'll make it a third time before the show closes.

But who knows. Financial or mortal disaster may strike. Or worse: I may purchase a ticket for my third attendance, then be killed on my way to the theatre.

Ticket paid for, and... dead.

It happens.


Greg, by the way, recently purchased a scarf modeled on the scarf of the fourth Doctor Who. It's a scarf entirely too long to be practical. Isadora Duncan would love this scarf. The scarf invites jokes about Duncan, and about Doctor Who.

Those jokes are really about Greg's own mortality. Gallows humor without a gallows.


I've seen two revivals of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"but  I wasn't born when the first production, starring Uta Hagen and Arthur Hill, hit Broadway. There will be more revivals, I'm sure. There will be more interpretations.

There always are interpretations--Shakespeare persists because of interpretations, after all. I'd've loved to see Burbage's Hamlet. I'd've loved to see Bernhard's Hamlet. All that remain are echoes. I'd've loved to see Gielgud's interpretation too.


How noble in reason.


Daniel Craft died today. Or maybe it was yesterday. I'm not sure.

Daniel Craft was a fan of Star Trek, and had friends who managed to secure a private viewing for Daniel of the next Star Trek movie. As someone put it: "Dan would be rolling his eyes at being 'the inspirational cancer story,' but he's done a lot for movies over the years. It's nice that the movies finally did something for him."

Daniel Craft got a glimpse into the future of a thing he loved, an unfinished cut of the next Star Trek. A preview of things to come. He will never know how Star Trek ends, but no one does since the stars keep trekking past.  But he got a chance to see beyond his own mortality.

Good for Daniel Craft!


The things I love are temporary. There will be revivals, or not. There will be reboots, or not. All phenomena are fleeting. You know?

You know.

Daniel Craft knows.

There's an old story: Two elderly women are having dinner in the Catskills. And one lady says, 'You know, the food here is so terrible.' And the other lady says, 'Just wait for til you go back for seconds.'


In the meantime, there are shows I love, and are revived. And there are Daniel Crafts.

Quite apart from seeing the next revival of 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?', I'd like to be alive to see the cure for cancer, or the discovery of life on Mars, or even the second coming of Arrested Development. Curiosity about what is to come, and how it is done, is to me as wonderful as how life once was--Amy Morton's Martha is just as wonderful to me as Uta Hagan's Martha. Roddenberry's Star Trek is just as interesting as Abram's Star Trek.


And I want to see what the next person will do with the material. But I'll Isadora Duncan myself way before that.

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