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Sunday, July 14, 2013


Here's a fun thing about being a Southern transplant in New York City: people are always surprised when you don't have a Southern accent.
It's true.

I've lived here for nearly a decade, and people are still concerned about my accent. "But you don't sound like you're from the south," the Yankees will say. And I give my stock response: "I blame too much television."

And we all laugh.

When the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman verdict came down, there were three sets of gay couples and a straight guy sitting in a room in an apartment in Manhattan, NYC. One part of those gay men--me--was drunk on mojitos, and another part of those couples--Greg--was rather stoned. Only one of those couples was Southern. What follows is a very accurate account of the rage....

Let me qualify this.

What follows is an attempt to contain the rage both G and I feel when Northerners think the South is just like the North.

"Oh," half of a gay couple said, glancing at his phone. "George Zimmerman's verdict is in. He's innocent."

"Oh," other half of gay couple echoed, "Nice."

Greg, who was stoned and beer'd, looked at me, shrugged, and then announced, "Fuck, I hope Florida is rioting."

Gay Northern Couple: "It wasn't murder."

Me: "Yes. Of course it was."

And yes. Of course it was. My instincts were to yell at this person, but recently I've been told, by Greg, that I should be more sociable. So, rather than scream, I simply swallowed the bile and smiled.

"It wasn't murder." Gay Northern Couple adjusted himself. He is a teacher. He deals with Trayvon Martins all the time. "Martin attacked George. If I'm walking through SoHo and some kid comes at me with his fists, you're damn right I'm gonna shoot him if I have a gun." There was a reference to recent homophobic attacks in the city, which, while true, made me wonder if the Gay Northern Couple knew about Bull Connor.

Three things went through my head: 1) You, Gay Northern Couple, are a teacher; 2) This is why you shouldn't have a gun--you're a big guy who can overpower a teenager; 3) You are completely an idiot when it comes to Southern politics.

Well, a fourth thing went through my head: I'm a guest, not my birthday, be polite.

[Big breath; rant in progress]

But you know what? It was murder. Fuck being polite. Fuck Florida. Fuck everything.

Trayvon Martin was stalked, and shot dead because he was Black. The idiot Gay Northern Couple maintained that Zimmerman was in the right because Martin did not live in the neighborhood, or something--GNC kept implying that because Martin's father didn't have a home in the neighborhood, Martin should've been respectful of Zimmerman's weak-ass broke-down neighborhood watches.

Fuck you.

Fuck you. You, Yankee, don't get what it's like to be a minority in the South. Yeah, you're gay up north, and that shit is bad, but that doesn't hold a candle to the difficulty of being just--JUST--a minority down South. You know how bad it is down south? It's so bad that when you--a WHITE PERSON--come up north, you're introduced as being Southern, and then spending 10 minutes explaining why you don't have a southern accent. Fuck the accent. Jesus. Who the shit cares about accents?

Trayvon Martin was murdered. I cannot believe I spent 30 minutes of my life debating with an absolute moron about why it was murder. But I did. And I spent that entire 30 minutes trying to remind myself that I was a guest in someone else's home, and needed to be polite, and whatever.

Being Southern does not mean Greg nor I are a sideshow act. We don't have to maintain an accent. Assholes are assholes.


Anonymous said...

Ha you're giving me massive douche chills! Trayvon was a pure street thug who engaged in felony assault on a guy he thought would be an easy take down, didn't expect a CCW holder, whoopsie! Educate yourself. He assaulted the Greyhound bus driver on his way up from Miami and was thrown off the bus, liver tested positive for damage from "lean" aka sizzurp, missed 58 days of school out of 110, was found in possession of marijuana, burglary tools, stolen jewelry on school grounds. Read thru his twitter account, he was buying/selling guns, dealing drugs, don't trust me, check it for yourself, to do otherwise would be "real retarded sir" to quote the key witness of the prosecution.


MM said...

Yes, because all of those reasons is why Trayvon Martin needed to be put down like a mongrel.

Kudos to you, though, for being capable of typing without opposable thumbs.

Anonymous said...

And what would you do if you we're keeping an eye out ever since your neighborhood had multiple breakins since the neighborhood had started to turn into Section 8 housing, you're walking back to your car, are jumped, beaten mercilessly , getting a fractured nose, two black eyes, unable to see well, while getting your head repeatedly slammed into the concrete, what would you do? Being at you're probably a "bottom", you'd just lay down and take it and wait til your dead apologizing for being born white the whole time. Fact is, you are the epitome of low information reactionary, emotional liberal. If you sat in the courtroom and heard all the evidence, you would have found him not guilty too. Read these few examples of cases, and ask yourself why you never heard of them:,6073521

Anonymous said...

MM said...

You're very cute, and clearly have no concept of the world around you. Life isn't a Clint Eastwood film. You don't get to shoot people in cold blood just because you wander around acting as if you have a badge when you don't. The citation of articles from right-wing blogs is quite nice and all, but those articles aren't really accurate, nor are they germane to the subject. The subject of this piece is inherent racism in the Southern legal structure, and my personal anger. Post using your name if you actually want me to take you seriously. You did not write a lot of poetry in the 1300s, nor did you produce the blockbuster best-seller 'Primary Colors'. So stop posting anonymously, or I'm deleting this shit.

Rek LeCounte said...

Blissfully ignorant lib, leftist retard, you didn't watch the day to day trial, you willfully ignore facts because it doesn't fit your narrative of the false southern meme, you obviously are part of the "war on women" since you don't trust the verdict these 6 women came to, one of which is a minority with 8 kids who just moved to Florida just before the trial. The prosecution actually excused one black male potential juror only because in the line of questioning he said he watched Fox News, but those are just a few more facts that you were unaware of because you didn't watch the trial and instead decided to get all your news from outlets like msnbc, CNN, etc be a true progressive and open your mind to the facts of the case. The whole trial was televised live and is available to be watched n it's entirety online, but you certainly won't do that. And by the way, I'm a black male, 33 years old, and you're really going to hate

MM said...

You're a pip. I mean, the famous Juror B37 admitted she didn't read newspapers, and got most of her news from FOX. Again, not the issue. But please, keep leaving your truth bombs on my mostly unread blog, Rek. It's fun to read, and I may get some hits from it.

Melvin said...

Now the complete ineptitude of your knowledge is showing itself. The juror you erroneously refer to as B37 is actually B29 and is a Dominican mother of 8 who has lived her whole live in Chicago (and is a lib who never once mentioned Fox News in the jury selection process and hasnt done an interview since, in fact, she was a low information person just like you! She said "I hate watching the news".) so please admit you have no idea what you're talking about. Thanks.

Melvin said...

MM said...

"I admit I didn't obsess over this case. I admit I think it was a terrible verdict. I admit Florida is a really unpleasant place to be."

Please. Dude. Give it up. This ninny's first instinct was to try to sell a book. I'm not really interested in where her battle-ship was, B29 or B 37.

MM said...

Follow-up: A juror--B29--has declared that she believes Trayvon Martin was murdered, but "the instructions" to the jury by the judge did not allow the jury to find against George Zimmerman. Which was my point: the laws in the South are drawn up against minorities (Zimmerman, ethnically Latino, is culturally Caucasian). Also, it seems the case a lot of the Right are citing--some Black youths shooting an infant in the face in front of the baby's mother--is bogus. The woman is now a suspect. I emphasize 'suspect' rather than convicted.

Trannylove said...

So then to follow your bizzare logic: Barry Obama , ethnically black, culturally Caucasuan? Zimmerman spoke Spanish at home the majority of the time growing up. Also, do some research on the ABC interview, even far left Slate is saying the interview of B29 is out of context and they've called for the full release. I love this assumption that laws in the south are "drawn up against minorities" lol, it was a self defense case, no different than a self defense case in San Fran or NY. Never, not once, not ever did the Stand Your Geound law come into play in this case at ANY TIME. Never mentioned, never submitted, never in play. Period.

MM said...

I watched the entire interview, so I'm not certain how it could be taken out of context. The poor woman comes off as an idiot, which is fine--jury of our peers and all that. And you're rather stupid to think the Stand Your Ground law didn't come into play, or at least highly naive. If you just want to go out and start shooting people, say so, but don't be obtuse about it.

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