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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Not a Clip Show: A Love Story

There will be retrospectives--for decades--about Jon Stewart. Unless it is revealed Stewart was
drugging and raping women, or preferred the "company" of marmosets, or murdered 10 people while using a pseudonym, Stewart's legacy is fairly established, and there are people far more capable than I weighing in on it, on him, on the Daily Show, and on the political ride we've survived these 16 years.

So I'm not posting clips of his show, or searching out quotes from interviews he's given or from interviews of others about him. All that already exists. Depending on your political POV, you can find whatever Jon Stewart persona to suit your fancy.

The persona I'm going with is the Jon Stewart who kept me sane in a period of absolute insanity. And I will miss his much-needed, unique insight into the madness--you always need a fool to point out a hawk is not a handsaw. And I relied on Jon Stewart to routinely say a bald eagle was not a cudgel.

Greg and I fell in love in no small part because of our mutual appreciation for 'The Daily Show,' btw. We had little in common but we knew we wanted to make the world a better place. Both of us were trying in our own way--me by attacking most everything; Greg by applying reason to unreasonable situations. The first night I spent at Greg's apartment in Florence, Alabama, was more of an accident than anything. We were both uncomfortable. We were both baffled why I was still there, and hadn't gone home. We were both bored, and lonely.

So we watched The Daily Show together. And laughed. And bonded. And in one episode we realized the sexual attraction wasn't a generic sexual attraction. We actually enjoyed each other as human beings.

Some years later, trapped on a bus trip to the Rally to Restore Sanity--the bus was paid for by Arianna Huffington--we realized how much we loved each other... because any couple experiencing truly terminal cracks in the couple facade would've torn each other facade from facade during the HuffPo bussing from NYC to DC for the rally.

Quick aside: John Waters famously said that if you go home with someone, and that someone does not have books, do not fuck them. I would add that if you go home with someone, and that someone does not like Jon Stewart, don't marry them.

Greg and I have been through a lot of awful things. Who hasn't? But the one thing that grounded us, brought us back to both earth and to ourselves, was The Daily Show. The one thing reminding us of how we actually became a couple and then, surprising even ourselves, husbands was sitting down four nights a week (unless Jon was on vacation, which happened a lot) was to watch a man articulate our mutual disgust for media.

Don't get me wrong: There are many reasons I love Greg now, but the reason I started loving him is because the night I stayed too long at his apartment he said, "You remind me of Lewis Black."


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