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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sarah Pa.... Can't Finish

It's late. The air conditioner a floor above us is dripping water in steady clicks, and I assume our AC is doing the same onto the AC below us.


Greg's hand is currently on my left foot. We were watching a movie, then he went to sleep in a mass of pillows and sheets and comforters. Waf, our dog, is in the mix too: he is crumbled into the mess and it is quiet.

Except HBO's movie, Game Change, is on the television. Julianne Moore is pretending to be Sarah Palin. And while it's a wonderful performance, it wasn't my intention to be the only human awake and watching the film.

It's difficult to admit how truly sorry I feel for Sarah Palin because she's done a lot of work dismissing humanity.  But I pity Sarah Palin. Her random hatreds--of Muslims, of Lame-Stream media, of human decency--are from a place no one can explain. She knows what she knows, but she can't understand her knowledge is not absolute.

Same with Donald Trump.


Greg's moved his hand from my foot, but our dog is still nuzzled into my armpit, and Game Change is playing on.... and here's were we are: Sarah Palin somehow convinced an entire voting group that they were right to feel racism is okay. Sarah Palin enabled already-awful assholes to feel right in their assholishness.

Game Change, which is a film made during the 'Birther' shit Donald Trump wallowed around in, tries to explain Sarah Palin. Game Change makes you feel, for a moment, Sarah Palin's humanity.

Game Change was made four years ago, and could not anticipate Donald Fucking Trump, nor could it inform the political reality we're currently living.

The upstairs AC drips down onto my AC, and my AC drips onto the one below. Trickle-down is an honest and innocent thing, but it is not economical.

Sarah Palin was a mistake, but she was not an honest or innocent mistake. She was a drip that landed on an AC, and created Donald Trump below.

Waf isn't concerned with the clickclik.

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